Don’t look now but it’s been nearly 20 years since Mopar: Alone Against the Twelve Dread Hyenas in the Land of the Dead.  This seminal Sword and Sorcery romp was almost watched by someone who had a friend that knew someone who was the secretary for someone else that once worked as a seat filler at the Oscars.  Despite the age the story, Mopar still holds up today and provides a timeless message:  Don’t hesitate to resort to physical violence and coercion to rule the world (or watch out for sock dragons).

To celebrate, the Acitonsuit Alert blog is offering a free digital copy for everyone signing up for the Actionsuit Alert blog.  Send me an email at for the link to download (warning: it’s a 1.5gb file).  In the near future we will also be releasing installments on Youtube.  Unfortunately their are some quality issues with the digital version we still have to work out because the only copy we had was taken from a DVD burned directly from a VCR tape but worry not, we have our top Actionsuit Alert video editing staff on the case.

The only question that remains is where the fuck is Gary Kramer?

Update:  Here’s the first 11 minutes; video starts at :37.

Update II: Split into 10 segments for Youtube, can be found here:


2 thoughts on “Mopar

  1. I have to say, both the video and audio online turned out far better than I expected. Did you clean it up somehow? I’d still love to remix the audio, at least just by altering the overall volume scene by scene like I used to do manually when I showed it to people.

  2. Holy shit, you really can find anything on the internets these days.

    I haven’t watched this in years. That intro is very funny… holds up well 20 years later.

    20 years, Jesus…

    We need to use this to entice the Evil Wizard to join us.

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