Gaming With Your Kids

Over at they have a review of an interesting RPG game called rpgKids developed for parents to play with their kids.  It’s only 2.99 over at so it’s at least worth a shot. Dads familiar with DM’ing may pass on this kit and develop their own from scratch just as easily but for someone like me who always preferred a character role it looks like a lot of fun.


1 thought on “Gaming With Your Kids

  1. Cool. I love when the dad is trying to build tension by talking about the evil skeletons when you hear a die go skittering across the floor.

    It’s funny, just last weekend Connor got out some of my D&D books and was asking questions, so I showed him the battle map, miniatures, and dice. I introduced the idea of rolling dice to see who wins a battle (higher roll wins), but was more interested in using his blocks to build a maze. It can definitely see doing this more as he gets a little older.

    Erik bought the Red Box, a streamlined set of 4ed rules, and had played with both his kids. We should get his take.

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