Meet Ellie

Say hello to our new family member, Ellie. She’s a German Shepherd almost 2 years old.  We were lucky enough to rescue Ellie through Serendipity GSD Rescue, a very well run rescue service that was able to match us with a family that was forced to give her up to move close to an ailing family member.

We’ve spent the weekend with Ellie and she has absolutely melted our hearts with her intelligence, warmth, and playfullness.  My daughters have now met their match in energy levels.

Erin petting Ellie while we watch Mary Kate play baseball

In our search to rescue a dog I found that there are any number of rescue services for each breed you’re interested in most major cities.  Check the website for the officially sanctioned rescue services but most will register their pets with either or (as will your local Humane Society).

Update:  Here’s IO9’s top ten list of Greatest Superhero Dogs for your enjoyment!


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  1. Congratulations to the whole family…. you’ve found each other. Sending wet, sloppy kisses to Ellie and hugs to the humans.

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