1000% Guaranteed Success in Anything

Ran across the blog of one Jesse Thorn, Transom, via Boing Boing, where he reveals his 12 point plan for success in nearly anything. No revolutionary advice here but it is well written and filled with some great examples. Excerpt:

It took a few years, but now I make a good living from my show. I’ve got three full-time employees, and two interns. I also pay thousands of dollars a month to several teams of producer/hosts whose wonderful shows I’ve helped monetize. I’m not rich or anything, but when my wife had a baby a couple of months ago, I didn’t have to be all freaked out about it. Well, I was freaked out about it, but not so much about the money part. My business is stable, and maybe even thriving, despite the reticence of many parts our industry to embrace my show. I still love public radio, and am immensely proud to be part of it, but it’s a great relief not to have to rely on it to pay my bills.