A Dungeons and Dragons Park for Your (inner) Child

Yes, you read that right. Hang your fuzzy 20 sided die on the rearview, throw your nerf foam swords in the trunk, and if you have them, don’t forget the kids and start your adventure to the D&D park in Carbondale, IL, properly called Jeremy “Boo” Rochman Memorial Park. From the article and pictures I just ran across on CNET, it looks like the perfect place to take your kids and relive the epic D&D campaigns of your youth.


1 thought on “A Dungeons and Dragons Park for Your (inner) Child

  1. Carbondale, IL, is where I learned how to play Dungeons & Dragons in 1981. My middle school was on the other side of the beautiful SIU campus, past a games, comics, and miniatures shop (the arcade was next door).

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