Beware, Skynet Becomes Self-Aware Tonight

You may want to start your 4/20 celcbrations a day early.  Skynet officially goes online at 20:11 tonight.  Of course if John and Sarah Connor (and Myles Dyson) were successful in their destruction of Cyberdyne back in 1995 we have a reprieve on Judgement Day until April 21st.  Too bad Judgement Day couldn’t come before they made the 3rd movie!


1 thought on “Beware, Skynet Becomes Self-Aware Tonight

  1. Interesting day, 4/19

    Filed taxes online yesterday (ouch – stupid taxes). Shopped online (to have groceries delivered – how pathetic?). Played an imaginary baseball game online (even more pathetic).

    Thunderstorm outside. We’re hearing about a new defense system Skynet. Supposed to make things easier, safer.

    The eerie calm was too quickly overcome by a league of super-machines and robots… got to go now. Matt’s Atari just moved . <>

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