PT Prologue 1: Cymbal Song

Let’s do an epic warm-up to a summertime Actionsuit! tribute to Porcupine Tree. I’ll go first: Gavin Harrison’s “Cymbal Song” from the Arriving Somewhere… DVD. Not the best quality, but still very cool.


3 thoughts on “PT Prologue 1: Cymbal Song

  1. That’s a great dvd set to kick back to in the afternoon after some yard work. When I think of summer songs/albums I think of cruising with my windows down and music blaring like a douchebag. Deadwing is the best ‘summer’ album from PT IMO but probably my favorite summer album is Van Halen 5150.

  2. ….so cool. I can’t do that.

    It’s like some talented, alternate-universe headless body with rhythm, and the 9-box style kicks Brady Bunch ass.

    • Center square seems less active. Alice was always the passive-aggressive one.

      Also frequented by Paul Lynde, though certainly less passive. Circle gets the square… or does it?

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