Decaffeinating Your Muse

Day 1 of my decaffeinating and de-chipification has begun and there’s really no easy way to describe the feeling except through the above Python skit.  I was looking for something to shock my system and reconnect me to my muse, to break me out of a muse-less rut.  And today the fish has officially slapped the face.  Now I must sing!


2 thoughts on “Decaffeinating Your Muse

  1. No chips?! No caffeine?!

    This is either the Shining Pt 2, Movin’ to the ‘Burbs (No chips and no caffeine makes Myles something-something…)
    Inspiration for the version of next book in the series “Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type”
    I think I saw your muse outside Starbucks. She wants a trampoline and some Rhythym Kale Chips (Whole Foods).

    Good luck.

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