The Raconteurs

I didn’t think I liked Jack White. When the White Stripes were a big thing, it seemed like a gimmick: a chick who can’t really play drums, no bass player, and a pale Johnny Depp guy doing everything else. I didn’t really give it a close listen, and still haven’t.

Then introduced me to his latest band, The Dead Weather, for which White plays drums and which I immediately liked.

Now, a year or so later, pandora radio leads to the in-between band: The Raconteurs. Jack’ back on guitar and sharing the singing duties with a guy that, to steal my wife’s reference, sounds like he was in Triumph. I only own their second album as I write this, but it is a collection of some very strong songs. I dare you not to get hooked on this.


2 thoughts on “The Raconteurs

  1. I’ve been trying to listen and like The White Stripes, seems as though everyone recommends them when I tell them I dig The Black Keys. Just not a huge fan of their raw sound but I do like a bunch of their songs.

    I’ve been able to check out The Raconteurs all day at work today and I really dig the ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’ album. Didn’t really like the Triumph/Kansas sound of Rich Kid Blues. I’ll have to give ‘Consolers of the Lonely’ another listen.

  2. First posted tune: So intrigued. Triumph reference is spot on! especially at 0.45 min. Not just vocals but the whole song structure. I very much like the Triumph style here, great early-80’s mojo initially… unfortunately, KANSAS invaded and ruined the party! NOT-likey the Kansas-issue keyboards. 2:12 min = Ghaaah!; something changes the mood horribly for me here. The guitar with the same sequence at the end seems to accomplish the expression more in line with the song’s direction, but I’m not sure I’m even into this. BTW: I don’t see anyone in the YouTube picture accompanying this tune in front of a steam-pipe driven keyboard, so maybe this member was quickly disposed of in some river(?).

    OK, so I’ve listened to this several times now, so I guess it depends on your definition of “hooked.” Definitely intrigued by the retro-PERIOD of the tune. Not heard many artists attempting this space for exploration.

    Second song is clearly more Zep. Breakdown is interesting, but in the end sounds like much out of the Late-80’s to early-90’s.

    Intriguing, though. I shall have to examine this Raconteurs more thoroughly.

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