Kasper Rosa

Check out this Progressive band from Northern Ireland I stumbled across, Kasper Rosa. This song is from their latest release, First Breath First Blood, released in September 2011. I may have to investigate further by visiting Northern Ireland in person.


3 thoughts on “Kasper Rosa

  1. Holy shit, someone other than the two of us read our blog?! How did that happen…

    Yeah, cool tune. We’re folks in the American Midwest who enjoy, and sometimes perform, and wide variety of music, but prog rock is one of them. Porcupine Tree and Amplifier are big favorites, and this tune calls them to mind (without being derivative).

    Looking forward to checking out more of your stuff. Let us know if/when you tour over here.

  2. It was my distinct pleasure to discover and share your music! Found your (or someone in your band) post on reddit.

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