Gentleman, Start Your Beards

The NHL playoffs begin tonight. Time to start your playoff beards gentlemen.

More Beards:

More NHL Playoffs:

  • 1st Round Schedule
  • The NHL and NBC took baby steps this year to increase the number of games you’ll be able to see but archaic broadcast rights rules still plague the NHL Playoffs, making some teams and games difficult or impossible to see depending on your cable/satellite provider and geographic location.
  • You can watch the first four Blues games for free at select Wehrenberg theaters in St. Louis. Besides the novelty I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just go to a sports bar though.
  • 1st Round series to watch: Predators vs. Red Wings

4 thoughts on “Gentleman, Start Your Beards

  1. This from the woman who selected and carved this year’s Build-A-Beard.

    Can I post pics on a reply?

    • No pics in the comments but you can post a link to a pic. is pretty easy to use.

  2. Not being a big beard fan, i would register my disapproval with a no-shaving rule for the ladies and gents. Too obvious? Too disappointing? No connection to hockey?

    Hmm. Something more share-able and yet understated: wearing some form of team colors everyday. (can be clothes, make-up, nail polish, undergarments)

    I’d also propose that at least once a week we get to buy and wear NEW garments or accessories, which will aid in compliance with the play-off mojo.

    Time to go shopping! (here’s a link to some recommended web sites)

    • New team garments and accessories for the ladies sounds like a great compromise for playoff beards. As long as there is no interference with the beard and there is still room on the credit card to get a ticket to a game, I think the NHLHBA (National Hockey League Husband/Boyfriend Association) will agree to these playoff beard/team flair terms.

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