To Do List

  1. Write Blog Post
  2. Listen to some music:
  3. Have a yogurt snack or twenty and/or pick up a bag of the best chips on the planet.
  4. Send application for graduate school to Colorado and Oregon (reconsider first choice).
  5. Check out the Cosmos with Carl Sagan
  6. Read the 2012 Short Story Hugo Nominees or some more Carl Sagan thoughts

1 thought on “To Do List

  1. Loving the NEW look on the site! Thanks to GK for the refresh.

    Check off items 1-3 for me. Had to visit the “reconsider” link to understand #4. Thanks for the laugh.

    I’ve not yet read Sagan, but did make it my recommendation for our Fledgling Book Club. We haven’t made our next selection, yet. (So, I’m hopeful, but in the interest of full disclosure, we haven’t met in over 3 years, either.)

    Yogurt I can skip, and the chips aren’t available up here. (I had a bowl of sauteed kale, instead.) Hope all goes well with the rest of your list.

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