Tools to Learn Songs

As Actionsuit preps for a week long jam session on the beautiful rocky shores of Door County Wisconsin I thought I’d post a few of the tools we use to learn songs.

  • Lyrics: MiniLyrics is a great program that works with any number of media players on your Mac or PC and scrolls the lyrics while it plays.
  • Lyrics online: By far the best online lyrics search and display I’ve found is Not only does it have a minimum of ads, it also provides excellent printable views.
  • Metronome: Their are literally hundreds of free and customizable metronome websites, as simple or complicated as you need, some also with companion apps that work on your phone. I like this one.
  • Guitar tuner: gStrings Android phone app. Free, simple, and works flawlessly.
  • Youtube tools: Loop the Tube; and two Chrome browser extensions; Youtube downloader, which will download and covert videos to mp3 and Youtube Options, which will set viewing and experience options for viewing Youtube videos (like size, disabling autostart, etc.).

And now for the fun part. School is in session for Little Barrie, The Dead Weather, and The Knack; these go out to Dr. G: