Keep It Dark

Genesis was one of my favorite bands growing up in the 80’s and was a huge influence on my taste for progressive rock next to Yes and Pink Floyd. Abacab (1981) is one of those albums I first bought on vinyl, then later on cassette to be able to play in my car, and then finally on cd when I hooked up my first cd player. It’s a great summertime album. Here’s my favorite, ‘Keep It Dark’, played live in Phildelphia in 1983:


3 thoughts on “Keep It Dark

  1. Wife of Myles Patrick? The audience for the blog gains a welcome voice!

    Yeah, I don’t think I knew you were that big on Genesis, either. I’m not surprised, but I don’t remember you playing them much back at Bass. Now Floyd? Oh, yes.

    You made Erik hate Pink Floyd, Ron made him hate Rush, and I made him hate Yes. Poor guy.

    • That’s so true about Erik, but we had to have some measure of defense/revenge for his crazy girlfriends.

      Yeah, I only had Abacab for Genesis on cd. I was (we all were) sick to death of hearing Phil Collins’ voice by late 80’s, early 90’s. Never did repurchase the other Genesis stuff I used to have on vinyl; I’ll have to post some of that stuff.

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