Here’s a great progressive rock band, Karnivool, from Australia. They have two studio albums, Themata (2007 US/2005 AU) and Sound Awake (2008), and are about to launch their third album with a new tour “Melodias Frescas Tour” in Australia and points beyond.

Both of their studio albums are worth a purchase, their songs are reminiscent of A Perfect Circle or maybe Tool. Below are videos of three of the band members (Ian Kenny/vocals,   Mark Hosking/guitar, Drew Goddard/beard and guitar) doing an acoustic set of “All I Know” and “Umbra” from Sound Awake and “Roquefort” from Themata. Enjoy!


Keep It Dark

Genesis was one of my favorite bands growing up in the 80’s and was a huge influence on my taste for progressive rock next to Yes and Pink Floyd. Abacab (1981) is one of those albums I first bought on vinyl, then later on cassette to be able to play in my car, and then finally on cd when I hooked up my first cd player. It’s a great summertime album. Here’s my favorite, ‘Keep It Dark’, played live in Phildelphia in 1983: