Back to the summer PT tribute…

What better than a demo from ’97? This is a track SW posted on Soundcloud, and as far as I can tell has not been released in any other media form. You may recall the track “Disappear” from the Recordings album as a simple, yet quickly powerful track. This version displays a more slowly-building structure with a purely mesmerizing guitar line starting about half-way through the track aside a fantastic bass grove (wait for it, wait for it…). This whimsical chiming theme becomes a blazing expression of raw desperation at the end. Just ridiculous. I wonder if this could be even more amazing with Gavin’s percussion. While I have many thoughts for further elaboration, this piece in truth longs for no aid via introduction.

Also a non-YouTube post. While I spend a lot of time there myself (too much actually), let’s attempt a broadening of the e-horizons a bit, shall we?

Nuke me as a uber-nube if this doesn’t work.

And yes, Nuked Uber-Nubes will likely be my next fantasy sports team name.