Get Your Gaming Fix Cheaper

A quick second post today for the eternal search for cheaper ways to game.  Deus Ex: Human Revolution  is now $35 on Amazon.  This is a great deal on a recent release and does not reflect on the quality of the game, which is excellent.  Also, if you pre-order Gears of War on Amazon they will give you $20 in credit to be applied to future purchases. Conversely there is something to be said for waiting to buy some games until after the holiday season with those gift certificates for even better discounts since there are going to be so many first tier game releases this fall. So fire up the credit cards and game on.


Your Next Gaming Addiction Out in Multiplayer Beta

Ok, this should be titled ‘My’ next gaming addiction but Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta has opened up and there is a short review over at Ars.  If you purchase Bulletstorm Epic Edition (who hasn’t!!??) you can join the beta on April 19th; if you pre-purchase Gears you can join the beta on April 25th as I will.  Check out the most recent video release below from the Gears development team and prepare to join the fight!