Miles Davis

Trying to stay indoors out of the heat today, listening to selections from The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions from Miles Davis. Absolutely love the track (below), Duran, with some great horn and guitar work, or ‘raunchy shit’ as Miles himself claims at the end of the clip. If I had a personal soundtrack that played whenever I cooly entered a room, this would have to be one of the top tracks:


Once I Had A Woman

Nothing goes with a baking hot summer day like the blues. Here’s Jimi Hendrix bringing some heat and feeling on guitar like no other:

Hump Day Roundup

It’s one of those days where the music just isn’t getting past my ears to be appreciated. The Actionsuit Philosophy tells me in order for one to appreciate music, one must first be able to appreciate silence. Actionsuit Philosophy also tells me in order for one to appreciate silence, one must release the bee’s buzzing in your head. So, while I promise to drink less caffeine tomorrow and post some more music, here’s all the bee’s buzzing in my head today:

  • Food Stuff: Easy and healthy lunches at work and spiral cut your hot dogs.
  • Atari is 40 years old: 10 greatest Atari games at Shortlist; 40 years of Atari at Kotaku.
  • Louis CK is fighting the man, choosing to sell his comedy routines and now tickets through his own website.
  • Speaking of the man: another disastrous policy foisted upon ISP’s and the public by the MPAA/RIAA. As someone who works in the IT field I can tell you there are already multiple ways around this, some easier than others, not to mention the false positives that are likely to result in the banning innocent bystanders.
  • Sports: Goon screenwriter talks with GeekDad over the state of fighting in hockey at Wired. I am a big believer the theory that removing the ‘enforcer’ role in hockey has greatly contributed in more injuries. Players think twice about hitting opponents carelessly or with too much force when they knew someone on the other bench will make them pay.
  • More sports: It’s time to get excited for the 2012 Chicago Bears (great review and preview of the last season and upcoming season with draft pick highlights – turn it up!):

Actionsuit Extra: See the First Episode of HBO’s The Newsroom

Preview the first episode for free on Youtube (or below). I have not heard any reviews of The Newsroom yet, but it’ll be worth checking out to see what Aaron Sorkin can do in the less constricting environment of HBO.

/Rant…I give HBO credit for releasing a whole episode online to spur interest but without an option to purchase HBO Go online without first purchasing cable or satellite TV, then this type of advertising seems like it only invites more illegal downloading or sharing.

Conan, Chicago Blues, and more Reggie

Here’s a great clip from Conan teaching Chicago elementary school students how to come up with ideas for Blues songs, not to mention an unintentional lesson on how to get kids involved and invested in music. The kid who plays harmonica will go far if he can stop getting hit in the head.

Before that we have another Chicago Conan clip this time featuring Reggie Watts singing Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’:

Conan teaching the Blues: