Desperate Father’s Day Ideas

OK, if you’re reading this then you’re either one of the most fantastic blog supporters on the planet or you’re completely out of ideas and desperate for a Father’s Day gift.  Fear not, Actionsuit was born of desperation and a fight against impossible odds. Oh, and we’re dads too.

For the Dad who has everything: Drift Trike, the adult big wheel

If you’re not sure what a trike is, check them out on Wikipedia or at the home of competative ‘Drift Triking’ in the US (they just recently completed their first competitive event in January), but I’ll sum it up for you: it’s an adult big wheel! Ok, it’s a little more than that; when you get enough speed, either by being pulled or going down hill, you can do some crazy drifting stunts which looks remarkably like a great way to break every bone in your body or die if you’re lucky. Don’t fear, we’ve got a great safety solution below. If you haven’t seen this video yet, take a look:


Of course the guys in the video above ‘drifting’ are wearing little if any protection. That’s where our second suggestion for the Dad who has everything comes in – full leather movie character replica outfits. Head over to UD Replicas and get yourself a full replica leather Stormtrooper outfit for drift trike protection or for a kick ass Father’s Day BBQ.


One can only imagine the multiple uses for a new leather outfit and trike. Dad can trike to work or the grocery store. Dad can trike with the kids while they ride their bikes. Dad can even trike the dogs for a walk! Of course this is all leading up to the best idea of all; an Actionsuit Stormtrooper Drift Trike gang in the next Mardi Gras parade! Hmmm, I wonder if these trikes come with a drink holder…

Sorry, got a little carried away, back to the Father’s Day ideas. Though they pail in comparison to the above ideas here’s some suggestions that won’t break the bank (or launch Dad into his lecture about spending money wisely):

Free ideas for Dad. Okay, you’re the desperate of the desperate. You’ve skimmed impatiently through my ramblings and are out of money and out of ideas for dear old Dad. Don’t worry, with a little work even the crustiest of Dad’s will appreciate the following:
  • Convince Dad to treat himself and get one of these la-z-boy recliners for the porch (on sale for a nice price btw).
  • Peace and quiet – if Dad has more than one kid in the household, this might be the top on his list. But it’s also the toughest – use headphones, pause or go outside to yell at your siblings, complain ungratefully about the lack of food or the unfairness of life tomorrow.
  • Drink and food preparation and delivery – always a winner, even if your Dad likes to BBQ, keep the drinks coming for him. Tips: learn exactly how to make his favorite mixed drink and/or when you see his beer get lower than two or three fingers, impress him with a fresh beer before he finishes it.
  • Quote some Bruce Lee and tell him you love him:

El Monstero Pulls Out All The Stops

The outdoor show put on by Pink Floyd cover band El Monstero last Saturday at Jefferson Barracks Amphitheater was nothing short of spectacular.  Despite the heat,  despite the dangerous and near disastrous problem of the lack of enough vendors for food and drink (the Schlafly vendor ran out of beer before the main act even began!), despite the semi-mysterious location of the venue (unless you were familiar with the park), the show went on and El Monstero held nothing back for the 7,000 strong concert goers. The performances were all spot on amazing.  El Monstero took care to get every nuance, costume, and extra performer to provide a concert nearly indistinguishable from the real Pink Floyd or even from the studio tracks.

As the sun set and the moon rose El Monstero started with several cuts off of Wish You Were Here and then moved on to multiple cuts from The Wall when the first surprise of the night happened.  During Another Brick in the Wall a live helicopter approached and flew over the crowd exactly on que, circling the crowd twice as it beamed its spotlight down on us all, cheering in amazement.

After the few Wall tracks, El Monstero played nearly through the entire Dark Side of the Moon album.  The highlight of this part of the set was the incredible vocals provided by Tandra Williams on The Great Gig in the Sky.  Her powerful and flawless voice delivered the most beautiful performance I’ve ever heard at any concert hands down.  Dave Farver on saxophone should also get an honorable mention for his performance. After Dark Side El Monstero moved back to second album of The Wall and an encore performance that included fireworks and, of course, a crowd sing along favorite Wish You Were Here.

The crowd was a nice mix of people from nearly every age and demographic.  The heat and the horribly long lines at the vendors didn’t dampen the spirit and afterwards the local traffic police were more than well prepared, making an easy and quick exit. The band did mention that this might not be the last time for this kind of out door show and I for one can’t wait.  How about next weekend?

The best I could find on Youtube, doesn’t do the actual sound justice but you get the feeling and power of her performance: