So Percussion

NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. These guys are going to have to change their name to Amplified Cactus after this performance.

Tiny Desk Concert No. 200 : NPR

On March 5th NPR ran it’s 200th concert in it’s Tiny Desk Concert series. I ran across this treasure trove of live music shorts last year and meant to explore it further. Well, here they are at 200. What a great concept and NPR pulls it off nicely; each concert is ¬†well executed and recorded with guitars and vocals coming across very close and warm. Here’s the link and the video for their 200th show, featuring the smoking hot voice of Laura Gibson.

Laura Gibson Plays Tiny Desk Concert No. 200 : NPR.

Edit: ¬†Sorry, couldn’t get her video embedded. The NPR Youtube feed doesn’t have it up yet. Here’s another great one instead, Trombone Shorty, enjoy: