Best Stanley Cup Playoffs Since…?

Now that Boston and Vancouver are set to battle it out for the Cup it’s time to take a breath and realize what a great Stanley Cup Playoffs it’s been so far this year.  Most of the series were well contested except in the East where the best two teams were swept in the Conference semi finals and the Conference finals were just one great game after another. Definitely the year of the veteran goaltenders with Thomas and Luongo with honorable mention to Roloson. And last night Steven Stamkos illustrated why hockey players are the toughest and most committed to their game more than any other professional sport (with the possible exception of Rugby).  Even the Predators made it to the second round and battled the Canucks with their stingy defense and team offensive play (or offensive team play in the opponents end as they say in Nashville).

My opinion might be a little biased for this year’s playoffs because I have been able to watch many more games than usual by signing up at for their playoff package ($30 US for playoffs/stanley cup, full season + playoffs is $89 Euro right now).  In previous years I’ve been stuck with trying to watch on VS and/or NBC.  Now that I’ve cut the satellite cords, Hockeystreams is the perfect solution.  I was prepared to jump in with the NHL’s Gamecenter Live but the high cost and the blackout restrictions (they get your computers IP address and blackout any/all games in your area) were just too much to stomach.  I know their are licensing issues to work out but why o why do they not even attempt to put together an online package where you get all your local teams games?

A few other bonuses to the Hockeystreams package are streaming in HD-720p for some games (it’s been about half to one-third of the games in 720p, regular feed is pretty good anyway), most feeds are from TSN/CBC rather than VS or NBC, streaming to your iPhone, and they also streamed games from the World Hockey Championships and multiple other minor league playoff games.

The Cup Finals schedule is below.  I don’t have any horses in this race but any team that beats the Blackhawks gets my vote. Canucks in 7!

  • Game 1: Jun 1 8:00pm EDT @VAN (TV: NBC)
  • Game 2: Jun 4 8:00pm EDT @VAN (TV: NBC)
  • Game 3: Jun 6 8:00pm EDT @BOS (TV: VS)
  • Game 4: Jun 8 8:00pm EDT @BOS (TV: VS)
  • Game 5: Jun 10 8:00pm EDT @VAN (TV: NBC)
  • Game 6: Jun 13 8:00pm EDT @BOS (TV: NBC)
  • Game 7: Jun 15 8:00pm EDT @VAN (TV: NBC)

Meet Ellie

Say hello to our new family member, Ellie. She’s a German Shepherd almost 2 years old.  We were lucky enough to rescue Ellie through Serendipity GSD Rescue, a very well run rescue service that was able to match us with a family that was forced to give her up to move close to an ailing family member.

We’ve spent the weekend with Ellie and she has absolutely melted our hearts with her intelligence, warmth, and playfullness.  My daughters have now met their match in energy levels.

Erin petting Ellie while we watch Mary Kate play baseball

In our search to rescue a dog I found that there are any number of rescue services for each breed you’re interested in most major cities.  Check the website for the officially sanctioned rescue services but most will register their pets with either or (as will your local Humane Society).

Update:  Here’s IO9’s top ten list of Greatest Superhero Dogs for your enjoyment!

Weekend Roundup

This weekend we start with a little cooking and alcohol to prepare us for some movie news. Yet another reason to cut the cable/satellite cord and hope therein for cooking show junkies is the Youtube sensation, My Drunk Kitchen above.

In media news, Sherlock Holmes has been released and abridged into graphic novel form, review over at Boing Boing.  My dad’s compendium of Sherlock Holmes stories was one of the first things I read and this looks well done.

William Gibson’s Neuromancer is in pre-production to be made into a film.  I’m not sure if it’s going to translate and expectations have to be really high.  I hope they can pull it off though.

“There can be only one!” Highlander is getting financing for a remake.  The original came out in 1986 but I didn’t happen upon it until the last week of my senior year in high school in 1988.  Our last physics class our teacher let us pick and watch a movie.  One of the girls in the class brought in the movie their brother had rented the night before on video cassette. I had never even heard of Highlander before but was immediately enthralled with the Highlander world.  Seriously though, who are you going to find that can replace Christopher Lambert?

Galactic is your favorite new band, you just don’t know it yet

I shall make my case in the coming weeks.

Galactic is an electric funk group out of New Orleans. I could begin almost anywhere, so I’ll just go with this: live in Japan in 2008, touring for From the Corner to the Block. They brought both Boots Riley and sissy bounce rapper Big Freedia with them, which seems to have greatly pleased the Japanese. This is “Hustle Up,” the official video for which features a breakdancing guy in a pteranodon suit.

(And nothing says Actionsuit! quite like a breakdancing guy in a pteranodon suit.)

Gaming With Your Kids

Over at they have a review of an interesting RPG game called rpgKids developed for parents to play with their kids.  It’s only 2.99 over at so it’s at least worth a shot. Dads familiar with DM’ing may pass on this kit and develop their own from scratch just as easily but for someone like me who always preferred a character role it looks like a lot of fun.