Random Progrock YouTube Thursday (orrrr Wednesday!)

We’ll start with a David Bowie tune from 1997, co-written by Brian Eno:

1000% Guaranteed Success in Anything

Ran across the blog of one Jesse Thorn, Transom, via Boing Boing, where he reveals his 12 point plan for success in nearly anything. No revolutionary advice here but it is well written and filled with some great examples. Excerpt:

It took a few years, but now I make a good living from my show. I’ve got three full-time employees, and two interns. I also pay thousands of dollars a month to several teams of producer/hosts whose wonderful shows I’ve helped monetize. I’m not rich or anything, but when my wife had a baby a couple of months ago, I didn’t have to be all freaked out about it. Well, I was freaked out about it, but not so much about the money part. My business is stable, and maybe even thriving, despite the reticence of many parts our industry to embrace my show. I still love public radio, and am immensely proud to be part of it, but it’s a great relief not to have to rely on it to pay my bills.


Rush Concept Album/Book

Ran across the blog of one Kevin J. Anderson, author and long time friend of Neil Peart, announcing his upcoming collaboration with Rush on their upcoming release, Clockwork Angels. Anderson will be writing the novelization of the album. Rush has already released the first two tracks from the album as a teaser. It certainly looks interesting and this is something I can definitely see Rush being able to pull off.

Celebration Day at the Pageant

The wife and I went to see the much renowned Zeppelin tribute band Celebration Day last night at the Pageant. The group features members from other locally popular bands including El Monstero, Joe Dirt, The Feed, and Dr. Zhivegas. Celebration Day lived up to the hype and delivered an outstanding performance despite a small mistake here or there. They are a 5 man band, utilizing a separate bass and keyboardist, and provide the authentic 70’s zeppelin experience with a nicely done stage show and video presentation.

The guitar player Jimmy Griffin was definitely the star of the show.  He channeled Jimmy Page without a doubt and had his slow, burning presence. After a riff he would light up the audience by himself with a smile of pure joy and wickedness. Of particular note was the incredible two song section of Babe I’m Gonnna Leave You and Dazed and Confused.  They employed a guest guitarist (ugh, missed his name sorry) for the dual acoustic beginning. Mark Quinn singing lead was at his best in these two songs as well and the accompanying bass, keyboards, and drums were as tight as you could get making for a powerful performance.

Mark Quinn’s overall vocal performance was excellent. Of course it is a rare human being that can ever match the vocal stylings, much less the stage presence of Robert Plant and Mark did an excellent job, and he has THE hardest job in this tribute band in my opinion. But, as my wife noted, he just wasn’t as ‘Robert’ as she wanted him to be. John Pessoni on drums was about as passionate and into a set as I’ve seen a drummer and pulled off a blistering and rocking performance of  Moby Dick, bare-handed drumming and all.

I thought the set they played was incredible and well thought out until they lost my energy by playing No Quarter and Since I’ve Been Loving You back to back. I was very happy to hear them play two more of my favorites, That’s the Way and In the Light.

Side note: Galactic is scheduled at the Pageant on Wednesday 3/14, touring for their new Carnival Elictricos album.

Borderlands 2 Trailer and Release Date

Awesome has a date this year. September 18th. Gearbox has released a new Borderlands 2 trailer and announced the release date as September 18th.