What’s More Surprising Than the Cardinals Making It To the World Series?

A positive article on St. Louis City, and on MLB.com no less.  From the article:

In keeping with the 2011 theme of comebacks, this Missouri city matches the historic comeback of its beloved ballclub with a downtown comeback that belies today’s economic hardships. The Cardinals are representing their surroundings as much as the National League.

Go Cardinals!


Toma! Puscifer Update

Get your copy of Conditions of My Parole, Puscifer’s new album released today. The guys at Consequence of Sound have the dates for the new tour to support the album.  Among the early dates they will roll through St. Louis on November 12th at the Peabody Opera House (adjacent to Savvis) and Chicago November 15th at the Cadillac Palace Theater. Tickets are available at Rip-offMaster.

I’ve been listening to Conditions of My Parole for a little over a week now and can’t recommend it enough.  Buy it immediately and turn it up as loud as your neighbors can stand it. ‘Man Overboard,’ seen below, will be there first single release. ‘Toma’ is my personal favorite right now but that could easily change as this album is packed with great songs like the albums title song, the enigmatic and haunting ‘Green Valley’,  or the beautiful ballad ‘Tumbleweed’ that ends the album.

Sci-Fi Roundup

First up is a roundup of sci-fi publication news.

  • The online version of  The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction has launched the Beta version, meaning primarily that any number of entries have yet to be fleshed out with content, but the underlying structure is there. Looks great but it seems like they’re trying to reinvent the wiki format and trying to shoehorn it into something that resembles the book when it should be the reverse.
  • Amazon has announced a new science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing arm called 47North. They’ve got quite a bit of content coming out in the near future featuring works with Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear. Great news but I wish Amazon would ditch the DRM on it’s downloadable books the way they did with music and drop the prices of digital versions to make them more competitive with ‘real’ books.
  • Vernor Vinge has released the third volume in his Zones of Thought cycle, Children of the Sky, reviewed here on Boing Boing. The first two books in the series, A Fire Upon the Deep and A Deepness in the Sky, are both excellent reads. I remember picking up Fire in an airport on the way to Jamaica and being absorbed by his dense and imaginative world while sipping banana daiquiri’s on the beach.
A couple of gems coming out soon to theater/video:
  • The animated adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel Batman: Year One, will be released a week from tomorrow according to I09. Casting includes Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as Inspector Gordon.
  • And if you haven’t seen it already, here is the official trailer for The Avengers below.  Looks good; Loki is the only bad guy I can really identify

New Puscifer Album Conditions of My Parole

I just ran across a Soundcloud post where you can check out the whole album: Conditions of My Parole. I’m listening to it as I post this. Sounds fairly mellow so far.  Downloading from Amazon in 3..2…  Update: Curses! Amazon is selling the MP3 download on October 18th.

Amazing Star Wars Fan Film

Dark Resurrection Vol. 0 has been released as a prequel to their 2007 film Dark Resurrection.  It’s quality makes it stand out from your typical ‘fan film’ as it obviously had some serious professional help. In Italian with English subtitles, you can watch below or check the links above:

Not into awesome fan made movies? Here’s a dog AT-AT costume for you: