Evan Brewer

Ran across this talented bass player, Evan Brewer, while randomly wandering the Youtube tubes. He’s got some great skills and makes me want to start playing bass and then give it up because I’ll never be this good.

Keep It Dark

Genesis was one of my favorite bands growing up in the 80’s and was a huge influence on my taste for progressive rock next to Yes and Pink Floyd. Abacab (1981) is one of those albums I first bought on vinyl, then later on cassette to be able to play in my car, and then finally on cd when I hooked up my first cd player. It’s a great summertime album. Here’s my favorite, ‘Keep It Dark’, played live in Phildelphia in 1983:

Philip K Dick

The New York Times’ Simon Critchley writes a three part series on the life, philosophy, and madness of Philip K Dick.

Dick’s life has long passed into legend, peppered with florid tales of madness and intoxication. There are some who consider such legend something of a diversion from the character of Dick’s literary brilliance. Jonathan Lethem writes — rightly in my view — “Dick wasn’t a legend and he wasn’t mad. He lived among us and was a genius.” Yet Dick’s life continues to obtrude massively into any assessment of his work.

I recommend a little Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here, while you read:

Chris Thile

Time to step sideways from your typical progressive artist to bluegrass/mandolin stylist extraordinaire Chris Thile. Thanks goes to Gary Kramer for introducing me to Mr. Thile and his band, the Punch Brothers, doing Radiohead covers. Thile’s crooning and enigmatic voice, his creativity, and the spot-on timing of his band are a natural fit for Radiohead tunes – or they make it seem natural. Here’s ‘Faust Arp’ and ‘2+2=5’:

And you can’t go wrong playing some Punch Brothers on a summer afternoon with a big pitcher of margarita’s. Here he is with Michael Daves live at NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert last June:

Friday Brass

Hope your week at work was less hectic and stressful than mine. In any case, I think the musical prescription is the same, some second line brass.

First up is a great second line performance by the Lil Rascals Brass Band, ‘Roll With Me, Knock With Me’:

Next up is the Menahan Street Band “Make the Road by Walking” live in Central Park, NY (warning: this video shows fat white dudes trying to groove – disclaimer – I’m a fat svelte white dude):